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Hello World! This is me showing style with my home on the internet with just my name. Finally! I am ultra accessible now and 100% unique. Works with any online device and even offline. Let´s connect and share. Let´s meet!

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BETA! This is HOMY! It´s a one page profile website with your very own name and just the things important for you. Very similar to your living place.

You may order this along with your name. Yes, you can order your 100% individual name, which works on the internet, in the metaverse and offline. Once you have picked your name, setting up such a page like this is a matter of a few minutes. Your privacy is secured as we just ask for your mobile number, nothing else. This page obove is a simple example of HOMY. The name can be printed, send, spoken, typed, tapped and even QR scanned. One more exciting faxt: Your name is 100% exclusive, 100% created by you and you can keep it on a life time basis.

What you can do with your name? It is a name card you can use offline: Printed, spoken. Or online in the www and the metarvers. Now you can be found by search machines and you can be 100% identified among everyone as this name is 100% unique. No one can copy or replicate it. No one can delete or use it for other purposes. In case you already have a name at Meta-Facebook, LinkedIN, etc. please compare: a. Your name is last. b. Your name is hidden and surrounded by stuff you don´t control and that has nothing to do with you. c. You always have to obey rules and terms of conditions, which are constantly changing and are not under your control.

Unlike other places in the digital worlds you can express yourself undistracted and 100% exclusive. Either you just show a single detail, like an email address, a phone number or similar or you use Homy as your as your personal gateway platform: One place for finding your activities on Youtube, Medium, Triller, WeChat, Trello, .. no limits for promoting your person and business on all available channels. It´s always only you! This also means: No changes for you! Your name is not another digital service among the others you already have. Your name is the new final home of all your accounts out there. That´s why we called it Homy at the first place.

Xtr.Name is the service provider of both: Homy and Talking Names that empower you to find and create your perfect name for life and the web and metaverse presence with everything on board, like your personaland ultra smart gateway where others can find you and where you can broadcast across the many platforms and media brands.